Busy but Good

It’s been crazy busy the last few weeks! I have a long list of things I want to write about  — trust, my old high school music teacher, greeting cards, the shuttle car driver who gave me a ride to work last week — but I’ve had absolutely no time to write any of them.

Work has been crazy busy but in such a great way. First, I was able to go down to the space shuttle launch last week. Awesome! The launch of STS-133 meant the six-month-in-planning education downlink between myself, a few NASA interns, and astronauts on the space station is actually going to happen. In fact, it’s happening day after tomorrow. Read all about that here, on the blog I write for NASA.

Home has been crazy busy too with post-trip laundry and a girls’ night dinner-and-a-movie at my house the day after we got back from the trip.

As if work and laundry weren’t enough, throw into the mix spelling words — I successfully taught Finn how to spell competitor by breaking it into syllables com-pet-i-tor and getting him to spell each section — improv shows, church (Sunday and Wednesday), meeting more of David’s family, kids’ birthday parties, buying enough groceries to get us through till the weekend when I can really go shopping, doing my taxes and then meeting with an accountant to check my taxes … sigh … and you can see why it’s been quiet here. A few more days and I think normalcy can resume. Didn’t want anyone out there to worry though. We’re good. Busy … but good.


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