Keeping House

A hand-painted sign in my kitchen (a gift from my mom a few years ago) says

“This house was clean yesterday, I’m sorry you missed it.”

I came home yesterday to a clean house, and it was sooo nice. (And glad to report that unlike the sign in my kitchen reads, it’s still clean today.) The floors were swept and mopped, the toilets and showers and tubs were clean, the tables and ceiling fans dusted, the stovetop and microwave wiped clean. Fresh, cozy, clean sheets on the bed. Ahhh.

I’ve had a housekeeper off and on for about five years. Way back then my lunch group at work was talking about their housekeeping services and going on and on about how great it was to come home to a clean house, and it sounded sooo nice. I was nearly nine months pregnant with a 2 1/2 year old and working full-time — the idea of someone else bending over and cleaning the bath tub, of crumb-free floors, of clean sheets on the bed — sounded like heaven! So I indulged myself. And just as my friends described it was great, especially after the baby was born and time and energy was even more scarce.

One of the first things you’ll read if you want to boost happiness or de-stress your life is to keep your house cleaner. After a busy day shuttling the kids and working and running errands, coming home to a house that needs to be worked on just adds to the mayhem. Coming home to a house that is straightened up and clean, though, provides a refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing respite from this crazy life.

Until someone goes and makes it dirty again. :)


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