Book Review: Water for Elephants

You know a book is a good when you read it in less than a week because you just can’t put it down.

Well, that was the case this week with Water for Elephants: A Novel.

I read a good review of it and added to my Amazon Wish List a few weeks ago — not realizing at this point its popularity as a book or that it was being made into a movie. About the same time, my co-worker Jo loaned the book to me unsolicited saying I had to read it and it was so good.

Last weekend at the movie theatre we saw the preview for the  movie (which looked good, by the way). I figured I needed to read it soon if I wanted to get it read before the movie came out next month. Little did I know that the book would be so captivating that I couldn’t stop reading and would have it finished so fast with weeks to spare!

The  book’s format reminds me a lot of Nicolas Sparks’ “The Notebook” — an old guy in a nursing home telling the (love) story of his youth. That format, I think, is a big reason that I liked it as well as I did. Format aside though, it’s a great story and a very fun read. A brilliant, believable story and story-telling.

It’s a tad graphic in parts (both in imagery and language) so I wouldn’t recommend it for young readers. Kudos to author Sara Gruen for all the research she did into circuses and circus life. All of those small yet real details are what makes the story so convincing and compelling.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Water for Elephants

  1. Stephanie says:

    And now we have a “date”! You should invite your co-worker Jo to go with us!

    Love to ya,


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