Whatever is Lovely

Philippians 4:8 has been a favorite verse of mine since high school. We used to sing a song based on the verse in chapel so the verse was committed to memory that way — “Finally brothers, whatever is true, what is noble, righteous and pure; whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, excellent and worthy of all praise — think on these things” were the lyrics.

The verse displayed on my desk lists all of the same things but then says “help me to make the choice to think about such things.” I like how that’s stated, highlighting the fact that it’s a choice.

I need help thinking about positive things. Perhaps that’s why I’m so drawn to this verse. I’ve been meditating on the verse a lot lately trying to overcome some negative thinking that’s been plaguing me, and I’ve decided to focus on each attribute one at at time, starting with lovely.

I chose lovely because David gave me this pretty bookmark (pictured above) with that part of the verse on it. Also because in a conversation recently David challenged me to ask God how He sees me and in thinking about that I decided I want God to see me as lovely. He probably does but because I don’t see myself that way I don’t give it any credence.

So I decided to do something each day to make me feel more “lovely.” The first day I wore a butterfly in my hair. Just a little one as part of a ponytail holder. I couldn’t even see it because it was on the back of my head but I knew it was there and it kinda did make me feel as if my hair looked prettier (even if the butterfly was upside down).

On other days I’ve made sure to put on makeup — I don’t wear a lot of makeup in general, but when I do I feel like I look better than when I don’t. Also wearing a piece of jewelry — jewelry makes me feel more feminine. I’ve got into the routine of wearing pants to church, but this past Sunday I wore a skirt and dressy shoes which made me feel more lovely as well. Today I wore perfume. Today I also wore pink. Silly little things to be sure but just small ways that make it easier for me to see myself as lovely or beautiful.


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