Picnic in the Park

It was a beautiful day Tuesday, and while brainstorming what to do for dinner before David’s improv show that night David suggested a picnic at the park downtown, just a block over from where the show is. What a lovely idea!

He brought tortillas, cheese and meat for lo-carb sandwiches for us; I brought corn pups, sliced cheese, chips and dip and cupcakes for the boys and drinks for us all. I also brought some old bread for the boys to feed to the ducks and fish.

The boys mainly went back and forth from feeding the fish to feeding themselves.

David and I sat on the bench and talked.

The temperature was perfect. An occasional breeze sent tiny flower petals from the parks’ blooming trees swirling around us — that was fun! Finn even ran into a girl from school — the one and only Carly with a C (really, what are the chances?). Fun was being had by all.

The only criticism came later from the testy 5-year-old who’s been all sorts of ornery lately. He says later that night and again the next day (and again today) that that wasn’t really a picnic because we didn’t have a big square thing on the ground. A quilt, you mean? I asked. “Yes,” he said.


“What’s a quilt?” he says,

Sigh. A quilt is … and if you want we can take one with us next time.

You can’t have a picnic sitting on a bench, he continues. And it was too short. And … something else I either forgot or tuned out. Did I mention he’s been ornery lately?

I on the other hand (and Finn, who was content charming the girl) and David (who also may have been content charming the girl — not the same girl — this girl) enjoyed a lovely spring evening in the park.

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