Whatever is Lovely: II

More thoughts on what it means to think on lovely things.

A hymn we sang growing up was Count Your Many Blessings. “Count your many blessings, name them one by one. Count your many blessings see what God has done.” Counting one’s many blessings sounds kinda like thinking on lovely things to me.

We all have so many blessings, or lovely things, in our lives — our children, our significant others, a relationship with a living God, a beautiful world to explore and enjoy, friendships and family that bring us delight, on and on. I, for one, often get rolled into what it costs to have these blessings and seeing things that way robs me of seeing them as joys.

The boys, for example, of course take up a large part of my focus. Everything in life centers around the fact that I’m their mom. I’m a working mom, a single mom, a “mommy friend,” a mother of boys — who I am is defined in terms of also being a mom. It is part of my identity, inseparable from me. There’s not another area in my life that is not touched by my role as a mother. Instead of dwelling though on how much more work and stress that puts on me, I want to do better at viewing that relationship and that role as a “lovely”.

And so on with other things in life — it’s lovely to work this amazing job and to have the great friends I have and to date a great, Godly man who cares for me and who I can have fun with, and to attend the great church that I attend. I have a lot of lovely in my life. I just need to see it.



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