Miss Miss’ippi*

The last few posts have been all serious so how about something fun today.

How about a road trip? A road trip to Mississippi.

David took me and the boys with him this weekend to Jackson, Mississippi, for the baptism of a college friend’s son. I had met Lain once before when he was in Huntsville way back when. We’ve been Twitter friends for a while now so it kinda seems like I know him more than I actually do in real life. It was good of him and David to let me and the boys crash the baptism.

I also met David’s friend Richie. I’ve heard about these guys often over the years so it was very cool to finally meet them and get to know the men behind the legends.

A lot of the weekend was spent eating good food, which was good for the experience but was not so good for the lo-carb diet. We ate at restaurants David has spoke of often, and like meeting “Lain and Richie” — always said in that order, by the way; dunno why — it was good to experience Abners and El Charros and places I’ve only heard about.

On the way home Sunday David took the scenic route, which didn’t bother the boys one bit because they were glued to the DVD player. They’ve become heartier road trip companions since making two trips to Orlando and back.

It was nice for me to see David’s old stompin’ grounds, particularly since we share the heritage of being reporters, to see where he covered news. These places were his life and it was a privilege that he shared it with me. For years I’ve heard him talk about Mississippi, and I always knew he had a strong affinity for the state. Seeing how he talks about it while there, though, I’m convinced it may be his first love.

Because all posts need a photo and I didn’t take very many trip-related photos, here’s a classic road-trip shot of sour cream and cheddar chips spilled in the backseat all over strewn DVD cases.


*Post titled after Michelle Malone’s “Miss Miss’ippi” which is still (happily) stuck in my head off the Mississippi playlist David made for the trip.


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