Movie Review: Something Borrowed

I went in to seeing the Something Borrowed movie with the mindset that the movie would not compare to the Something Borrowed book so I wasn’t even going to compare the two. (Which I kinda talked about in my post about the movie trailer.)

And I was right. The on-screen movie wasn’t as good as the movie that played out in my head as I read the book. But that’s not a poor review of the movie; I think it’s just the nature of the business of making books into movies.

So my review of the movie is that it was funny. Very funny, in fact. Funnier than anticipated. Mostly because I didn’t anticipate it to be so funny. Being a romantic comedy and all I expected some humor but didn’t expect to laugh as much as I did.

Perhaps it was the company I was in; I saw the movie with one of the girls from David’s improv troupe so perhaps we laughed more because we were there together and because her great sense of humor from being an improv actor (and a lover of Riff Trax) accentuated the movie’s humor. It was fun to laugh and poke fun, especially at actor John Krasinski (who played Dex) acting like a young Tom Cruise (which I totally predicted, by the way, in my trailer post.)

Too, because I knew the plot I wasn’t caught up in trying to figure out what’s going on or what’s going to happen next and could just appreciate the scenes for what they were instead of as just a stepping stone in the story.

If you haven’t seen it yet you should. Why? Because in order for them to make the sequel Something Blue they need to make a certain amount of money at the box office, and I’d like there to be a sequel. Also because it’s a great laugh and a truly enjoyable, light and fun, entertaining movie.

Speaking of sequel — stay til the credits are done for a sneak-peek at Something Blue.


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