A Fish Tale

The boys and I were blessed to join my parents and my teenage nephews last week on a few days of mini-vacation. A family allowed my parents to stay in their house on the river during the week and allowed my parents to invite me and my boys and my three nephews up for part of the time.

It was great for me to just escape real life for a while and read and think and pray and enjoy my boys.

They had such a good time fishing with their Papaw and cousins, and we took them swimming too.

We laughed as Papaw caught a turtle and my 18-year-old nephew Alex caught stick after stick after stick.

The last morning there all five grandsons — ages 5, 7, 14, 14 and 18 — were fishing with Papaw, who I might add wasn’t fishing for himself but was going from boy to boy as the cried out “papaw I need help” or “papaw look at this.” My mom and I had brought books down to the waterside and were reading some and talking some and looking up as they reeled in fish and the occasional stick.

And this is where my fish tale begins.

Alex brought me his fishing pole and asked me to watch his bobber, that he was going up to the house to get a drink. OK, I said. I’m reading, but I’ll look up and check it every now and then.

Fifteen minutes or more passes and Alex isn’t back. I asked my mom, who had walked up to the house and back just then, what Alex was doing, that he had asked me to watch his pole and didn’t come back. She said he was in the house watching TV and I’d been suckered into that deal.

Mmhm. I guess so.

So a few more minutes pass and I realize my little ones are getting restless and it’s time to perhaps move them onto a new activity, like going swimming, and I get up to leave. I pick up Alex’ pole to just reel it in and put it up when mom says that his bobber is gone, as in gone under the water. Having no idea how long it’s been gone, we start looking for it and see it hung in an area with brush. Certainly there’s not a fish on the line, is there?

Dad helped free the line from the brush and I reel it in and sure enough, there was a fish. I totally took all the credit for catching the fish too. You can’t catch a fish from the comfortable air-conditioned house while watching TV (even if it is your pole). :P

P.s. I know that the two days at the river was an escape and that feeling better there wasn’t genuinely feeling better. I’ve got to feel better here, in real, everyday life. But it was a nice respite to know that it’s possible to feel good, to laugh and to enjoy seeing my boys enjoying life and summer and fishing and swimming and family, things I’m often too busy to appreciate or because I’m a working mom I’m not there for. It was good to enjoy life where life was, where life has me at this moment. I’m trying.


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