On Purpose

As a kid my “job” was to go to school, to study and make good grades so I could go to college.

In college, my purpose was to find a career and earn a degree that would get me a job that would both earn money and make me happy.

It’s easy then to feel like our purpose in life is our job/career because we spend the first 18-22 years of our life working toward it and the rest of our life doing what we’ve prepared for.

It’s easy then when you’re unemployed to feel purposeless.

But we have so many other purposes in life besides our career.

I have a huge purpose as Finn’s and Caden’s mom, and that’s a comfort to me.

But as I am between jobs right now I’m really trying to focus on what’s my purpose right now, in this period of life.

One of those, I’ve discovered, is to take care of unfinished business that I’ve not gotten around to. Some of that is emotional business, dealing with things I’ve not dealt with in the past year because I’ve just kept going. Some of that is on-paper business that I’m thankful to have the free time to deal with.

One of my purposes right now is to rest and retreat and spend time alone, to read and to study.

And of course a current purpose to find my next job, or rather to apply for jobs and be patient as I wait for the right one — the one God has for me — to find me.

It’s not easy to wait and it’s tempting to feel purposeless. But I’m not. I’m not purposeless, that is. I just have a different purpose for a while.

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