This Good Day

All in all, I/we had a good day.

I woke up this morning and the first thought in my head were lyrics to a song we sung in church as a kid:

This is the day
That the Lord has made
I will rejoice
And be glad in it

Not a bad start to what I was expecting to be a bit of a somber day.

I was worried about not sleeping well last night, that I would wake up checking the clock or just be restless. I was right, I didn’t sleep well, but mainly because I was up with an upset stomach (too much junk food at our friends’ Fourth of July party, perhaps) and with a 5-year-old who climbed in my bed only to sleep perpendicular to me (with his feet pushing against my back).

Because we were going to church with my family today I was able to sleep later though, so that kinda made up for it.

Finn invited Jesus into his heart and made that decision public today at my parents’ church. My dad will be baptizing him next week, it looks like, so that was a reason to celebrate.

My parents had purchased altar flowers in John’s memory, and after church we all took them up to the grave.

I spent the afternoon at my parents with my sister and her family just eating and hanging out together (also reading some).

Caden’s ball team had their end-of-season pool party tonight so the boys and my three nephews all loaded into my car to go to the pool party. It was fun to have them all piled in together, watching the Alvin & the Chipmunks movie on the way there and playing together at the pool.

Finn wanted to spend the night with Nana and Papaw and I was glad when Caden opted to come home with me. Now he’s in the bed and I’m doing this, about to turn in and do some more reading before falling asleep.

My thoughts, after getting Caden tucked in and dressed in pajamas was more lyrics:

This good day
it is a gift from You
The world is turning in its place
because You made it to
I lift my voice
to sing a song of praise
on this good day

Thank you for all who sent me text messages, Facebook messages, cards (and cookies!). I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers today and the next few days.


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