How Do You Like Your Eggs?

I love the movie Runaway Bride. Julia Roberts, weddings, wedding dresses … love it!

In the movie, Julia Roberts’ character keeps backing out of getting married, leaving guy after guy after guy at the altar. One of the things discovered by Richard Gere’s character (who plays a reporter covering the infamous runaway bride’s upcoming wedding) is that she takes her eggs the same way as the person she’s dating/engaged to. She doesn’t even know how she prefers them because she just conforms to the person in her life and lacks independence. That ends up being the problem with why she doesn’t want to get married, also — fear of losing independence that she doesn’t even really have to begin with.

I only like scrambled eggs with cheese. But I’ve never tried eggs any other way because honestly — fried eggs look yucky when the yellow yolk runs everywhere. And scrambled eggs and cheese are so delicious!

But eggs aren’t really the point.

My point is that in a lot of areas I’ve never really explored how I like things because I’ve never really been on my own. I went from my parents’ home to my college dorm for just a year before meeting and marrying John my second year of college. I was never really “on my own,” or not for that long. I’m technically still not — I have the boys — but I have the opportunity now to explore what I like as just me, and I think that’s what I’m gonna do.

I may even try yucky-looking runny fried eggs.

Well, no need to get carried away. ;)


2 thoughts on “How Do You Like Your Eggs?

  1. shaggerty says:

    I call those “Paw-Paw eggs” since they were what my grandfather liked, and I always wanted what he was having. That’s what biscuits are for: sopping up the runny part.

    Anchors aweigh! Explore at will.

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