Beautiful Productivity


I’m a procrastinator, which means I have pretty lengthy list of “to-do’s” that I’m trying to make a dent in during my current “sabbatical.” Partly inspired by Entirely Adequate‘s “Do One Thing“, I’m making a point to accomplish at least one thing a day. And not like laundry or dishes or other daily/weekly chores, but things needing to be done for a while now that I’ve pretty much just put off indefinitely. Things like … one day this past week I finally shipped to the Navy some course materials of John’s that needed to be returned. I also inquired about getting some damage to the fence repaired and some repair and painting on my back and front doors scheduled. There’s a box of nickels in the closet that needs to be taken to the coin collector’s, some furniture rearranging I’d like to do, quilts and bedskirts I’d like to get for the boys’ beds, and all kinds of things in closets that need to cleaned out, gone through, stored better, etc.

My “do one thing” for today was cleaning the boys’ rooms, including clean bed sheets, vacuuming and making their beds. I guess that’s kinda like a daily/weekly/monthly chore but it’s also one I procrastinate. I’m so proud of how clean their rooms look. Wonder how long it will stay that way?


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