Finn Baptized

A year and a half ago at the Christmas Eve communion service at our church, as the “bread and the wine” (aka flat cracker and Welch’s grape juice) were passed Finn took a cracker bit and tiny juice cup just like the rest of us. When I leaned over to tell him not to do that, that the Lord’s Supper was only for believers — and in some schools of thought baptized believers — he said to me “It’s OK. I already have Jesus in my heart.”

What’s a mom to do with that? OK. If he’s that confident who am I to question him. Now, I suspect he wanted to eat the cracker and drink the juice. However I also feel that he at that moment believed whole-heartedly that Jesus was in his heart. And that’s all it takes, right? The faith of a child.

Ever since then he’s been trying to figure out. By “it” I mean salvation and what all the different components mean. Sin, repentance, forgiveness, grace, the Holy Spirit, etc. and I and others at church have been helping him by answering his questions when he has them and affirming what he’s learning.

After a friend of his was baptized a few weeks ago he said to me in the car on the way home, “I want to be baptized soon.” OK, I replied. Well, we need to talk about the things you need to do before baptism, which is primarily ask Jesus into your heart, meaning that He is your Lord and Savior and you give your life to Him. To do that, you need to understand sin and that Jesus died for your sins … and so forth. He seemed pretty confident to me so I told him we needed to talk to one of the pastors at church and we could also talk to his preacher/pastor Papaw.

We did that and decided we wanted Papaw to baptize him at Papaw’s church. My dad has baptized myself and Finn’s dad, all three of my nephews and my brother-in-law. The only ones he didn’t get were my mom and sister who were baptized before dad was a preacher. We joke that they should have to do it again just so they can be like the rest of us.

So that’s Finn’s journey to salvation and to baptism.

It was sweet, as his mom, to be there for him as he was asking questions and to be there to direct him in the next steps and to be there back stage to witness his baptism. Now I just hope I can continue to be there for him spiritually and to be a good example and to support him as he learns and grows more in his Christian walk.

Also, we both think it’s kinda neat that he was baptized the week of his 8th birthday.


2 thoughts on “Finn Baptized

  1. What a small, small world. It just so happens I was blog-hopping and ended up here. I recognized lots of names (Scroggins, Parks, Medley, etc.) from Flint River (where my husband and I used to go and where my son and his family still are). And then was struck by the coincidence that I had seen a “Finn” be baptized two weeks ago by his Papaw! At OXR Baptist Church; I’m pretty sure it was your Finn! My husband and I were visiting that morning. Like I said — small world! :)

  2. Yes, that was my Finn. I heard dad say your names and they sounded familiar, like names I’d heard at Flint River before but I don’t believe we’ve met. We’ve been going to Flint River about 5 years. Small world indeed! Thanks for the comment!

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