Writing Under Pressure

Comments I like from the blog post “I’ve got 30 minutes to write this post | Live to Write — Write to Live:”

“It’s amazing what time pressure can do for your writing output.”

I wholeheartedly agree. I write much better under deadline pressure than I do when I have all the time in the world. That’s probably rooted in my newspaper days but no real way to know which came first — did my ability to work well under a crunch make me suitable for the writing/newspaper world or did the newspaper world teach me how to write fast? Possibly a combination of both.

“A finished piece gets payment, a perfected, thrice rewritten piece that hasn’t been submitted because you don’t know if it’s good enough – gets you zilch.”

‘Tis also true. The more you read something the more you will see ways to improve it. At some point time needs to be up and what you have is what you go with. Even once it’s published you’ll see ways to improve it but don’t worry about then. Move on to the next project; learn from how that would’ve improved the piece and use it next time.

via The Daily Post at WordPress.com


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