Star Wars Monopoly Marathon

Finn is so structure and rule-oriented — if you know him at all you’ll know what I mean — that sometimes playing games with him can be frustrating because if you do one little thing that’s not part of the rules he’s calling foul. He’s also always looking to manipulate the rules to his advantage, as children are wont to do. Although Finn seems to have a special gift for it.

He asked Saturday to play Monopoly, so we got it all set up, and the three of us began playing. I forgot just how many “rules” there are — passing Go and how to get out of jail and buying houses and hotels (cities and spaceports in the Star Wars version). It had just enough provable structure to be the perfect game for Finn. There’s no way to cheat or sneak in advantages. You get what you get. I mean, there’s certainly strategy involved, but the playing process is in black and white, sometimes literally as in the case of the property cards.

We played for about an hour in the morning before the little one got bored with it and we decided to take a break. We played another hour after dinner, before again, the little one got bored. I think Finn could’ve played for hours and continued to do so. While I cleaned up dinner dishes he proceeded to buy cities and spaceports for both he and his brother’s properties.

The game is still on the kitchen table to be resumed today, I presume.

In addition to forgetting all the rules, I also forgot how long it can take to actually finish a game.


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