The Force in My Attic


John collected Star Wars figures from before we were together going back I don’t know how long. I remember, on our honeymoon, stopping in the KayBee toy store at the mall and looking at Star Wars figures that were marked down in the clearance aisle.

At some point — probably during one of our six-moves-in seven-years — all the figures, still in their packages of course, were packed into plastic storage bins and stored in closets. With our last move, in 2006, we finally had an attic for stuff like that. Despite my suggestion to open the packages and let the boys play with the figures, John wanted to save them as a “collection” I guess. Although I never understood what for. Would they be worth something someday? Was it just to see how many he could get? Was it for him someday, as an old man, to go through and reminisce? I’m not really sure; perhaps it was all of the above or something entirely different or maybe he didn’t even know himself.

He obtained a few more post-2006 that didn’t make their way into the attic and were in the top of our bedroom closet. When the bedroom closet shelving came crashing down about a week after the funeral (I need to tell that story sometime, perhaps in another post) the boys saw the figures and wanted to open them. Why not, I figured, whatever John had envisioned for them can’t happen now so they might as well get some enjoyment out of them and share in playing with the things their dad enjoyed also.

So we opened those few. We found a few more recently in another closet which prompted Caden to ask if there were even more somewhere else. Yes, I told him, there are 4 boxes of them in the attic … but we’re not getting them down today.

He didn’t forget about that and today came and asked if I’d get down daddy’s Star Wars toys because he really wanted to have them. So I did. And he opened some and is playing with them and Finn (who is not home right now) will pick some out for him later when he gets home. They can open them all, as far as I’m concerned. They will do greater good to them now, as toys and as a tangible connection to their father than they will sitting in my attic or as a collector item for “someday.”

May the Force be with them.


One thought on “The Force in My Attic

  1. shaggerty says:

    Good for you! Toys are for playing. The boys will have more fun playing with them now than they would if you insisted on keeping the toys in mint condition for them to have when they’re grown up.

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