In 2010, I started my “Refresh” project, inspired by an article in which the columnist challenged people, in the new year and the new decade, to look at a few things through fresh eyes. The writer listed 52 suggestions, one for every week of the year. I finished most of those but got derailed towards the end of the project. I have just a few more to go and want to see it through. So, this week’s topic is fashion.

I know nothing about fashion. Really. I’m a jeans-and-t-shirt girl. My favorite shoes are cheap flip flops. I prefer clothing that’s kinda plain and understated over clothing that is busy or attention-getting.

For one, fashionable clothing often isn’t comfortable and I prefer to be comfortable. Two, fashionable clothing costs money and I’m cheap. I shop the clearance rack first, and sometimes exclusively. Three, my personality can’t float most fashion trends. I’m kinda normal, average, don’t-stand-out, etc. and my fashion sense aligns well with that.

I don’t wear much jewelry — in fact at this moment I have on no jewelry whatsoever. The times I wear earrings in my pierced ears are so few and far between that the holes in my ears nearly close up.

I see women in my “circles” who are so cute with their pretty clothing and shoes and jewelry all “just right.” And I’m sometimes envious that I’m not more like that, that I don’t know how to be more like that, that I couldn’t be like that even if I tried or knew how.

Because I’m me.

I’m jeans and t-shirts, inside and out.


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