Ready for Rapture

The new sermon series at church is walking through Revelation. I fell in love with eschatology a few years ago during a sermon series on the End Times so I’m really, really looking forward to this series.

This past week’s overview touched on all the “high points” of Revelation, one of those being, of course, the Rapture. It will happen, as we’ve all heard “in the twinkling of an eye” (I Cor. 15:51). We’ve also probably all heard of “left behind” where two people will be walking, one will disappear and one will stay (Luke 17:34-36).

Sometimes I think I just can’t wait. This life is filled with so much stress and hurt and difficulty that I can’t wait to be free of it all. As my pastor was teaching on it Sunday — using that age-old preacher phrase “It could happen any moment, it could happen right now” — I found myself thinking bring it on. Why not? Do it now. What are You waiting on? I’m ready.

But I immediately felt conviction for being so selfish, for desiring rapture to spare me of pain and hurt when He’s waiting to give as many people as possible chance after chance and after chance to join Him forever. And I sit here selfishly just wanting to be spared from a little discomfort here but not really thinking much about those who will suffer eternal discomfort if they don’t come to Him.


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