Flint River Coffee Co.


I’ve passed the Flint River Coffee Company many times and wanted to check it out but was never passing by at a time when I could actually stop. I finally got a chance to stop in last week for a taste-test and to scope out the atmosphere and the wifi.

Their menu is all original with combinations like Crimson Tide Latte, which combines peppermint and white chocolate, and Lover’s Latte, a choice of chocolate-covered strawberry or chocolate-covered cherry. If you’re not a Tide fan there’s the War Eagle Mocha — chocolate and Amaretto — and several other unique combinations.

On that first visit, I had the Coon Dog Latte, a mix of butterscotch and caramel named by the customer who invented it. Today I had the Lover’s Latte + coconut. Next time I want to try my own concoction of butterscotch and coconut. If it’s any good, I’ll come up with a catchy name and see if I can get it officially added to the menu.

The ambiance is traditional coffee shop style but with a hint of the country life. Country music softly plays while coffee drinkers sip at rustic, wooden tables and chairs or relax on the black leather couch near the fireplace. A private reading room resembles a family living room with a comfy couch, recliner and fireplace and would be a great meeting place for a small book group.

The decor is rural coffee shop style. On the walls are framed prints of steaming cups of Joe, photos taken by a local artist, and hand-painted wooden signs with sayings like “scary before coffee.”

Above the fireplace hangs the original door to the two-story farmhouse-turned-coffee-shop, and in the grooves of the door are black & white photos of local farms, fields and gravel roads.

On the covered front porch are more tables and chairs for casual outside sipping.

The coffee was wonderful, the original flavor concoctions are fun, and the atmosphere is unmatched. If hot coffee is not your thing, the menu also includes iced coffee and smoothies, and a tasty selection of muffins, bagels and cookies.

If you’re out this way, or if you’re not and want to make a special trip, you should pay them a visit.

Flint River Coffee is located at 1443 Winchester Road, just west of Shields Road or 1 mile east of Moores Mill Road in Northeast Madison County (Alabama).


2 thoughts on “Flint River Coffee Co.

  1. Never mind, I just clicked on the link and found out. Yes, I’ve passed this place before too. Thanks for the review, now I must really make an effort to get out there.

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