Back To School


The big third-grader went back to school first, having two more days to enjoy his school and the bus all to himself before little brother started there too. Each year on the first day of school Finn has got a migraine headache while at school, we believe due to the anxiety of new teacher, new routine and new friends. I was proud that this year’s first day was great! No headache!!


We started sleep shifting about a week before school started to get both boys in the routine of waking up no later than 6:30 a.m. and being tired by their 8 p.m. bedtime. Even still they were still a little tired those first few days outside waiting for the bus at 6:50 a.m.


Caden was excited for his first day of kindergarten, and I think secretly Finn was a little excited too to show his little brother the ropes. In fact, Finn said I didn’t need to take Caden on the first day that Finn could handle showing Caden around and taking him to his class. Sweet of him to offer but I wouldn’t miss taking him on first day for anything. I told Finn he could take him on day 2. :)


Caden was all-smiles on his first day.


I stayed in class just long enough to take his photo and for Caden to pick a play doh color and then I made my exit. He didn’t say goodbye and never looked back. I praise God for confident, independent sons.


On day 2 of kindergarten Caden joined Finn on the bus.


We’re two weeks in to the school year and so far so good. I’m working with Finn on developing good study habits — sitting at the table to do his homework, no TV on, completing all homework before play time, no procrastination, etc. That means I’m working with Caden on playing quietly and independently while his brother and I concentrate on third-grade homework. It’s an adjustment for us all. I’m anticipating an exciting school year!


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