It’s a Carnival!

20110910-093933.jpgI am part of a blogging consortium called Rocket City Bloggers, even if I’ve yet to make a meeting.

Rocket City Bloggers is a group of Huntsville, Alabama, bloggers who meet once a month to talk about bloggy things and who have so far hosted two blog carnivals. For the carnivals, each blogger writes a post around a theme, and then one blogger “hosts” the carnival by posting links to all the other posts. Then all the bloggers post on their own blogs about the carnival. It’s a way of driving traffic to each others blogs but also (and more importantly, to me) a way of sharing with each others’ readers more cool blogs out there that they may like.

Blog communities are tied by a variety of different bonds, most often content. The Rocket City Bloggers community is tied together by geography.

This month’s carnival theme was the Best of Huntsville. I blogged Home Sweet Home, about my heritage as a native. That turned out to be a quite an interesting approach because so many in the group wrote about what it’s like to be Huntsville transplant. While I was not the lone native in the group, I was the only one who wrote about it from that perspective.

Check out all the posts in the carnival here.


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