One Sentence for Each Year of My Life

Country Roads

1979: It was a short year; I was born two days before the end of the decade.

1980: Best guess, I ate and drank and needed my diapers changed.

1981: I could make a great mean face on demand.

1982: I insisted on calling my sister Leslie “Nanny” despite her repeated attempts to try to teach me to say “L’s.”

1983: I was bit by a cat … after I pulled the cat’s tail.

1984: My birthday cake was Strawberry Shortcake and was homemade by my mom.

1985: I slept in pink sponge rollers every night so I could have curly, ringlet hair.

1986: My bicycle was white and purple, with a white wicker basket on the front and training wheels.

1987: I played Barbies on the front porch of our new house while the moving company with the big red truck moved all of our stuff.

1988: I voted for Dukakis (in the mock election at school).

1989: I met my best friend after we wore the same dress in the spring choir concert.

1990: Pomp & Circumstance played for my sister, and I became an only child.

1991: My hair was permed and I had braces on my teeth.

1992: I cried the first two weeks at my new school, but mom didn’t back down and sent me anyway.

1993: Vests were “in.”

1994: My notebooks were covered with “I <3 Tommy," the cutest guy in the senior class.

1995: I lied about my weight on my driver's permit.

1996: I can date and I can drive; I did both.

1997: Pomp & Circumstance finally played for me.

1998: Kinda sorta on my own at college, and then I met John.

1999: Wedding in May, and we moved to Indiana.

2000: Qualified for and accepted a special loan for first-time home buyers.

2001: Pomp & Circumstance yet again; finally done with school!

2002: In the grownup world, there are no summer breaks.

2003: After an epidural-free,14-hour labor, a 9-lb., 21-inch Hoosier baby boy is born, and I became a mom.

2004: I fall in love with Target (yes, that Target, the store with the red bullseye).

2005: A 8-lb. 13-oz. boy — this time born in Alabama — makes my only child a big brother and me a mother of two.

2006: Target breaks my heart, but I learn the four parts of the space shuttle (external tank, SRBs, main engines, orbiter).

2007: At my 10-year high school reunion I'm not the heaviest one there.

2008: My oldest son starts kindergarten.

2009: I go to D.C. and Maui, two of the best vacations ever.

2010: At age 31, I became a widow and survivor of suicide.

2011: I took a sabbatical to find myself and to make a fresh start.

2012: Yet to come …

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