Hero Worship


Priscilla Shirer was one of the speakers at the Lifeway Women DotMom conference, which some friends and I went to this past weekend (more on that in another post).

At one of the conference breakout sessions on how to parent boys, Priscilla Shirer was there. She was not leading it — although she has three sons, so I’m sure she has much wisdom she could impart — but she was there to listen and learn like all the rest of us.

I had the idea to tweet something like this:

@PriscillaShirer is in my #dotmom session. Not leading it but IN it. That’s so cool!!

I didn’t do that. Just as soon as that crazy thought ran through my head I felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit sweep over me for making (or almost making) an idol out of her. My attitude reflected that I thought of her like a big celebrity. And … well … she kinda sorta is. She has made God has made a pretty good name of her. She’s written numerous books and studies and video series, and was part of Deeper Still with icons Kay Arthur and Beth Moore.

But she’s also a mom just like me and all of the other women at that conference this weekend. She is a mom whom God has specially equipped and called to discern Scripture and share what she gleans with others just like herself, but that’s it. I’m not making light of that — that’s a huge calling and commitment and sacrifice. But we shan’t think too highly of her — of those like her — either.

I had a dream that night that I was in the conference exhibit area. I rounded a corner to go down the next row of exhibits and there stood Beth Moore at a table with books and other things just talking to people as they walked by. I saw her and gasped in surprise, and my gasp caused her to gasp and open her wide eyes even wider at me. She was surprised that I was surprised, and I believe that was yet another warning to not place these teachers on too high of pedestals.

I like how one of the speakers put it — she was just like all the rest of us in the audience, just a little closer to the stage.


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