Five Minute Friday: Friends

What would life be like without friends?

They’re there in different stages of life, witnessing out lives, sharing and shaping and influencing. I think of childhood best friends who were mostly just there to do stuff with — to play, to talk, to hang out, to shop.

Today, friends serve that same purpose but the play and the talk and the activities we like to do are different. As a little girl we played Barbies and rode bikes. As a teenager we talked about boys and shopped for the perfect first-day-of-school outfit. As grownups we drink coffee and talk about our kids and all the woes and joys of “adult things” like relationships and mortgages and jobs.

No matter the stage though friends are the ones right there with us, experiencing life as we experience life. Some friends come and go, some friends come and stay.

5 minute Friday with @gypsymama


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