Living With Intentionality

This idea of living intentionally — or living with intentionality —  is new to me and one I’m trying to figure out.

Early thoughts are this:

The opposite of living intentionally is cruise control.

When on cruise control, life happens to you instead of you having some say.

If we are not living intentionally it is easier to function in the victim mentality and the blame game, yet there is no one to blame but ourselves for taking too much of a hands-off approach.

To live intentional means to be methodic and to make strategic choices.

It is not about being manipulative or controlling, per se, but about being, well, intentional.

Intentional living takes work, but pays well.

What about you? Do you know what I mean by living with intentionality, and what do you think? Is it good, bad, indifferent, relative? Curious to know others’ thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Living With Intentionality

  1. I’ve lived on cruise control far too long; I’ve gotten comfortable living that way. (Comfortable yet miserable.) Ideally, I think some balance of intentional living and cruise control is preferable.

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