Just Put the Phone Down, and No One Will Get Hurt

Comedic Christian blogger and writer Jon Acuff wrote a great post on his blog yesterday — “How to improve your marriage instantly” — that every iPhone or smartphone owner, or even computer or video game owner, could benefit from reading. I said years ago I could write a blog post “How the iPhone killed my marriage” because it had such a major affect on my interests, my habits, my time, etc., as well as my late husband’s.

The iPhone and products like it are revolutionary. But of course, but with such big change comes both the good and the bad and comes great responsibility. As Acuff said, “It’s like having the entire world in your pocket!” He’s right! It is! There is nothing the thing cannot do. It has replaced my pocket calendar, address book, wrist watch, purse-sized dictionary and Bible, camera, and even scrap-paper grocery lists. Like the marketing phrase goes, “There’s an app for that.”

But what Acuff says, and says well using his clever humor and style, is that all of that functionality can rob us of face to face time. Not Facetime, the video phone app — face-to-face time between actual faces.

I highly recommend reading the post and I’m glad Acuff tackled a very important topic in a way that people can relate. What made an even bigger impression on me than Acuff’s words, though, are those who commented on the post and some of the hurt and frustration from people who have felt ignored or unimportant, etc. from someone texting or iPhoning too much. I’ve been on both sides — feeling that way and making others feel that way, and it stings either way.

As several pointed out in comments, paring back on iPhone time would not just benefit marriages but any relationship — friendships, family, co-workers. I am often convicted of too much iPhone and computer time while my kids are around and needing/wanting my attention. Do I really want them feeling that way? ‘Course not.


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