Fire Safety Gone Bad

It was fire safety week recently at Caden’s school. It was good because it caused us to change the batteries in our smoke detectors and talk about our family plan for getting out of the house in case there’s a fire. But, it was bad too because now he’s afraid the house is going to catch on fire, and so afraid to the point that yesterday when leaving our house he brought to the car with him his two favorite toys so that if the house caught on fire while we were gone, his toys would be safe in the car.

He also wanted to know who was going to save Rocket the guinea pig if we had a house fire. I had to say that God would take care of Rocket. And then he asked how was God going to take care of Rocket. “Well, God will take care of Rocket by either calling Rocket home with Him or miraculously saving Rocket from the fire,” I guessed. I don’t know how God will take care of Rocket I just trust that He will. The important thing that Caden needs to know is not to go back in the house after a favorite toy or Rocket. Toys and Rockets are replaceable.

I tried to direct him away from the parts of fire safety that has to do with possibly losing toys or animals, and guide him to focus more on preventing fires. Hopefully if we focus more on the prevention then we don’t have to worry about the “what happens if” questions.

I just found it ironic that something that is good for him to know and that he needs to know has had the reverse effect and ended up exposing him to something new to be afraid of. Kind of like when we tell our kids “don’t talk to strangers” and they turn and look at us and say “What? There’s strangers out there?” Even still, conversations that scare him are good for us to have because they get us talking about topics that are important to cover. I just don’t want conversations like these to do more harm than good. I hope they haven’t.

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