Rosemary Sprig

Today some friends and I painted my kitchen green, rosemary sprig to be exact.


I had the idea a while back to change the wall color to better go with some Scripture tiles I wanted to hang and to upgrade to a paint that could more easily be cleaned after spills and splatters. I mentioned this to my friend Tracy, who offered to help. Tracy has painted many times in her own home, so she has both the expertise and the supplies.

Here’s Tracy painting at my painting birthday party last month.


Here’s Tracy painting in my kitchen.


She used to be “my friend Tracy from bunco,” but I think now I’ll just call her “Tracy, my painting friend” :)

Here’s Priscilla, another bunco friend, who joined us too. It definitely went faster with the three of us!


It actually only took us less than three hours! The paint covered perfectly in just one coat. We started around 10:30, and by 2 p.m. we were done.

I am thankful for friends who know how to paint and who were willing to help and hang out, and thankful for my new bright, cheerful kitchen.

Oh, one more funny thing. I asked Tracy’s 4-year-old son how he liked the green, and he said he liked it. Later, when his dad was there to pick him up, he told his dad that he liked the green better, that the brown it used to be was terrible! LOL. Kids!


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