Confessions of a Soap Snob


I’m a soap snob.

I enjoy so-called “fancy soaps” made with all-natural ingredients and rich scents, like those found at hole-in-the-wall, tourist-y gift shops. The problem has been these soaps often melt quickly in the shower. Sometimes they are very fragrant but the smell doesn’t last on your skin or the soaps don’t actually clean all that well.

Bird Bath Soaps is the only natural soap I’ve ever bought that I’ve wanted to buy again — and I have! The soaps last in the shower a really long time, unlike some other homemade soaps that have melted within a week. Bird Bath Soaps are deliciously fragrant! Just having them in my bathroom, the fragrance freshens the air. I feel very clean after using their soap and the scent stays on my skin.

I’m a tad partial to Bird Bath Soaps because I know the makers, but I wouldn’t brag on their soaps or go out of my way to buy it if the soap wasn’t spectacular. The unique scents and soaps are great, and it feels great to support a local business too.

Check ’em out on the Bird Bath Soaps etsy page or their new web site, Locally they’re available at The Switch House and area craft shows.

Five Reasons Why Natural Handmade Soaps Are Better Than Commercial


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