Comfort Over Style

Friend and local blogger Carol Marks has an excellent fashion sense, writing fun posts about her New York City boots bought in trendy SOHO or these adorable purple flats, which flatter Carol’s dainty foot perfectly but would look atrocious on my size-11 stompers. I admire her style and fashion personality which so clearly shines both when you meet Carol in person and on her blog

So today, when she posted her weekly Friday link up and several other local bloggers added blog posts also about fashion, I took it as a challenge: What kind of fashion-related blog post could I come up with?

I wrote a few of my thoughts on fashion last August, and the gist was this: I’m about as low-fashion as they come.

So I wasn’t surprised that my first fashion-related thought — partially inspired by Carol’s post about her favorite jeans — was to write about my recently acquired Pajama Jeans.

I’m actually a little embarrassed to talk about my Pajama Jeans. But the truth is:  I love pajamas! When I worked 8+ hour days I couldn’t wait to get home to a pair of soft fleece-y pj’s. I’ve even hosted my Bunco month as pajama night.

Why do I love pajamas so? Well, I choose comfort over style, and with Pajama Jeans I don’t really have to choose. Certainly, Pajama Jeans are not as stylish as some fancy name brand jeans, but they do their job well. The feel just like actual pajama pants but look like denim, so no one knows you’re wearing something as comfortable as pj’s. I didn’t get them to sleep in as much to wear out, to be comfortable but not look slouchy in sweatpants or yoga pants.

I strongly disagree with people like this guy who say pajama jean wearers are lazy. I’m not lazy. I value comfort. Yet I respect that I should look presentable in public. I mainly bought them as an experiment, to see if they were really as comfortable as pj’s and to see if anyone would notice. The results? Yes, they really are that comfortable, and no, no one has noticed (or if they have, they didn’t say anything).

I bet I could even pull off wearing these jeans with some of Carol’s high-fashion shoes and no one would know.