Tricks of the Trade

I’m hostess of the March blog carnival for the Rocket City Bloggers, an informal group of bloggers in the Huntsville, Ala., area. This is our post on favorite tools ….

Tools are a part of anything we do. I think the best definition of a tool is the thing, or things, we use to do whatever it is we’re doing. Simple enough?

When challenged to write about their favorite tool, some of our local bloggers took us some pretty interesting directions.

David’s favorite tool is the most primal writing need — a good pen — while our fearless leader and fashion guru Carol prefers a more modern writing tool.

Got Ink

It’s In the DropBox

Mrs. Dragon, who, unlike myself, is talented in the kitchen has a favorite baking tool, to which she wrote a lovely tribute.

Ode to a Mixer

Suzanne, whom I personally consider a whiz in writing, baking and pretty much anything else, considers her 8-piece set of screwdrivers “awesomeness personified.”

My hope chest is apparently a toolbox

Bo’s fav tool is his rod, which I have to admit sounds pretty cool. It’s customizable, flexible yet durable, corrosion resistant and good at unclogging caulk. What more does a person need in life, really?

My Rod

And last but not least, Laurie’s tool is her blog, which I totally get. Mine is a tool too, I’m just not always sure for what.

What the Blog Intends

Thanks for checking out our carnival! Be sure and check out contributors’ other posts and leave comments!

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