Earth Day 2012


In the background, my Earth Day tree from five years ago. In the foreground, the one I planted last year.

I like to celebrate Earth Day and take the opportunity to remind myself to take better care of God’s creation and do what I can to help.

The last 5 years I’ve gotten a free tree, either from the NASA Earth Day celebration or my city’s celebration. This year I missed both, one because I’m no longer a NASA employee and the other because I didn’t know about it time to go. Each year I want to get the free Target tote but I never make it before they’re all given out (although special circumstances allowed me to get one last year). So I wasn’t really sure how to “celebrate” Earth Day this year. I contemplated taking “green” steps like starting a simple compost pile or making a rain barrel, but for now both of those ideas are on hold.

So in lieu of my usual traditions, the boys and I planted flowers. I let them each pick a few packets of seeds at the local home improvement store and we used some old clay pots that were recycled/rescued from the side of the road. It wasn’t much but felt good to at least play with dirt. We also stepped up some of our recycling efforts as I’ve gotten a little lazy lately and not been as diligent with a few items.

How did you celebrate Earth Day?


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