Thoughts on October Baby

I finally saw October Baby. I say “finally” because I had plans to see it when it came out with friends from church but wasn’t able to make it. Then I was invited by some women I volunteer with at the Choose Life pregnancy test center, but I wasn’t able to make that either. When this week’s movie schedule showed it was coming out of the theater this week, I caught the last matinee in my city. (Although if the dollar theaters pick it up several of us want to go see it there.)

There were a total of five of us in the theater. I slipped my flips flops off, munched on popcorn and Coke Zero and knitted. Yes, knitted, in the dark at the movie theater. (This knitting project which is to be blogged about in the future must be finished, so I’m knitting anywhere and anytime I can!)

October Baby is a Christian film, yet the conversations about God and faith are very natural and unforced like in some Christian movies. I didn’t feel like I was watching a “Christian” film, which I think is a good thing. Those who need to most hear the message of God’s love are turned off when beat over the head with salvation, but are receptive when seeing what God’s love is really like. So I was impressed that the filmmakers included the Christian message yet it wasn’t awkward or weird.

I was amazed at how many circumstances and people came together to save a life. A failed abortion. A nurse who had had enough of helping to abort babies. The scared birth mom. The doctors at the hospital where she was born. The cathedral that spread the word about babies in need of a home. The adoptive parents. The story in October Baby is fictional, yet every day are true stories of women in similar circumstances — women with unplanned pregnancies, post-abortive women, birth moms, adoptive moms, adopted children. In fact, unbeknownst to the writers and producers before the casting, the actress who played the birth mom had an abortion as a young woman and says that this film contributed to her finally dealing with that in a way she never had before.

Shari’s Story

I cried for pretty much the last 30 minutes of the film.

I cried for Hannah who struggled to feel wanted. Even after she found her birth mother, the woman still didn’t want anything to do with her.

I cried for the nurse who had helped abort so many babies, yet after the birth of Hannah she left the abortion industry to become a labor and delivery nurse.

I cried for Hannah’s brother who didn’t survive the abortion.

I cried for the adoptive parents who lost their babies, adopted Hannah and her brother, lost the brother and gave their life wanting and raising another woman’s child.

I cried for myself and some of the ways that I could relate to the various characters’ feelings of rejection and abandonment and trying to figure out “Who am I?”

See the movie. Don’t let all my crying keep you away. :)


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