Book Review: To Be Perfectly Honest

I expected “To Be Perfectly Honest” to be like A.J. Jacobs’ “Year of Living Biblically” or similar books where Jacobs takes on a challenge and does it fully and completely for a year. On the book jacket, it was described as “one man’s year of (almost) living truthfully” in which author Phil Callaway tried to live a year without telling a lie.

Well, it wasn’t at all what I expected, but that’s not anyone’s fault but my own. I expected the wrong thing. I had never heard of Callaway prior to this book, and had I known more about him and his humorous writing style I might have been better able to anticipate the kind of book it was. It’s a very, very easy read with lots of humor including Callaway most often laughing at himself and laughing at how often and easy we lie to others and to ourselves.

I’m not sure about taking on this challenge for an entire year but even trying it for a day or two I found it eye-opening to just how many half-truths I tell. Even something as simple as “glad to be here” if you’re really not, or the typical “fine” when someone asks “how are you?”

All the humor aside, the book gives you something more to think about when it comes to gut-level honesty with yourself and others and may cause you to answer for yourself just how honestly you’re living or how honest do you want to live.

Phil Callaway’s website

More Info

Read Chapter One

Callaway’s Bio

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.


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