Getting Sirius About Music


I enjoy local radio stations, but I get tired of hearing the same songs over and over. Some people really like to choose their own music with CDs or iPods, and I like to do that sometimes too. More often than not though I enjoy leaving the music to chance or serendipity or even “divine intervention.”

I’m spoiled at home (and at work) with apps or sites like iHeart radio and Pandora that play a greater variety of songs than my local stations. I can listen to both iHeart and Pandora in my car too via the iPhone apps, but the adapter to play the iPhone through my stereo system irreparably broke last summer. I should just buy another one, but this was the second one to break and they’re not cheap.

So Sirius offered a special. $25 for 6 months. It’s cheaper than a new adapter, and I love the song variety. I primarily listen to contemporary Christian music, which on Sirius means I listen to The Message. Like I said, the variety is refreshing, and I’ve already found some new favorite artists and songs — like Marie Miller’s “The Most of Me” and Christy Nockels “Ever Lifting.” They also play some of the oldies like Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman, that I listened to in high school and college.

What about you? Do you listen to local radio or manage your own music with CDs or your iPod? Do you have Sirius or XM, and if so what do you enjoy most about satellite radio?

2 thoughts on “Getting Sirius About Music

  1. I like exactly what you talk about: not knowing what’s coming next. That’s tough with your own collection no matter how you listen to it, though the Smart DJ feature on Windows Phone isn’t horrible.

    I would love to have a satellite radio subscription, but for some reason I object to them getting into me month after month for it. If there were a true lifetime option–not equipment-specific, but person-specific–for, say, $500, I’d probably do it.

  2. Haha, I like the “divine intervention” part. I seriously do that. Sometimes, God uses a song to get my attention. Love it.

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