Favorite Day This Week

“What’s your favorite day this week?” Finn asked me on Monday.

Well, my reply was something like this:

“I like Friday because I love the work I do at Choose Life. But then I also like Tuesday because I spend the morning in Bible study. I like Monday, Wednesday and Thursday too and working at my new Army job. Saturdays are good because we get to sleep in and be at home more, and then I like Sundays because we go to church. I guess I don’t really have a favorite. I like them all for very different reasons.”

Finn: “My favorite day this week is Friday because we’re going on a field trip to the Space & Rocket center.”

I think perhaps I overcomplicated what to him was probably just a pretty simple question. ;)


One thought on “Favorite Day This Week

  1. Reda Ellis says:

    At least he didn’t ask where he came from. I heard of a little boy asking that, and his mom thought he was asking about how he came to be. He was really asking if he had lived in another state as a baby. He asked this because a student in his class had just moved into town.

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