Because Every Story Has A Back Story

For five years I’ve written “opinionated thoughts on random topics.”


I’m still opinionated and I’m still random, but as blogs tend to do my blog has morphed somewhat. What I write here isn’t the same as I used to write here. Sometimes it is. The early days were a lot more random and a lot more about Target. I used to say that my blog was the things I would talk to you about if we had lunch. Well, I’m not sure that I have as concise a phrase to define the current content, but I don’t think the old framework works any more either.

I write a lot more now about things I’m reading than I did five years ago, mainly because five years ago I didn’t read as much as I do now. I use my blog to get free books to review, and I review other books (that I don’t get for free) too. I sometimes review movies and music and local businesses and restaurants.

I write more about spiritual matters now and not from the perspective of someone who has the answers — if I’ve learned anything in the last two years it’s that I don’t have all the answers, or really any of them — but as someone who is asking questions.

But the one thing that’s consistent is the back story. You know this is you’ve ever talked to me in person, but if I tell a story it never starts with the here and now but always goes back to some earlier point in time. This post in point — I didn’t just cut to the chase and say “I’m changing my blog subtitle” but instead told the long and drawn out path that led here.

Because every story has a back story.

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