A Blanket for Maggie


I started working on the above baby blanket about three months before little Maggie was due to be born.

Maggie is the daughter of some good friends who live out of state.

I’ve been knitting scarves for a few years so really, how hard could a blanket be? I thought. It’s pretty much just a wider and longer scarf, right?

Well, it wasn’t hard, per se, but it took wayyy longer than I thought. The needle was small, the yarn was fine and I was overzealous when I started out casting on 100 stitches. (I should’ve started with half that many.)

What I had hoped to finish my the time she was born took nearly as long to finish as it did for little Maggie to incubate in her mommy’s tummy.

And even more disappointing is that the end result was not all that great. I could’ve worked another 9 months on it to make it bigger and better, or I could’ve let the family get some use out of it while Maggie is still an infant. I chose to send a greatly imperfect blanket that they might actually get to use, over strive for perfection and they never get to wrap her in it.

My patience and perseverance was put to the test greatly but I’m so glad I didn’t give up. The Tuesday morning Bible study ladies and the Friday morning Choose life ladies and the Tuesday and Thursday afternoon karate moms I’m sure got tired of seeing me carrying in my knitting bag each week. I’m sure because they said so. They made nice-as-can-be comments like, “You’re still working on that blanket?” Some even recommended I stop and just go buy one. But no, I really really wanted to see it through.

I hope Maggie and her parents enjoy it — imperfections, snags, loose yarn and all.

This is one of those times when it’s the thought that counts.


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