Book Review: MOMumental

Do you ever feel like your kids are the only ones hiding in the clothing racks at Target or having to be bribed with fruit snacks to behave just long enough for you to get the grocery essentials? We’re talking just the milk and bread here.

Well, you’re not alone, which I think is something most of us moms know but that we need to be reminded of.

The book MOMumental: Adventures in the Messy Art of Raising a Family gives a good reminder that motherhood is not easy, even for those that somehow make it look like they have it all together. It’s a light read chocked full of funny mommy tales that I found  easy to relate to because either I’ve had a similar experience or I’m thankful that’s never happened to me. The stories in the book are good reminders to all us moms that we’re not alone and there’s no wrong way to mother.

Author and mother-of-four Jennifer Grant promises in her introduction to share stories about family life and how she’s come to appreciate the mess of it. Her book delivers on that claim while also reminding moms about the importance of things like simplicity, friendship and “me” time at helping us manage our crazy lives.

The experiences and anecdotes Garner shares encourage moms to keep perspective on what’s really important and know that they’ll never be perfect,  and that’s OK.

“I no longer think I can flutter above conflict like a fairy godmother.  I no longer think I can raise my children without every letting them down, misunderstanding them, or failing them. I know they’ll argue, I’ll lose my temper, and sometimes we’ll have to retreat again to the other room to repair our relationships. I no longer worry that every bad day is the beginning of the end for us as a family. Kids will argue …. I will sometimes lose my temper and want to jump up and down like a child. I will make the mistake of looking too far into the future …. When one of the kids is sick I will lose perspective, tumble into despair, and believe that I’ll never have another night of undisturbed sleep again. I will be inconsistent.  I will take things personally even when I know I shouldn’t. I will get involved in my children’s arguments instead of remembering to let them try to work things out. Now at least, I can regain my equilibrium a lot sooner than I could a decade ago. So that’s progress, right?”

In style and purpose, Momumental reminds me of When Did I Get Like This (review), but with the addition of a Christian perspective. Garner authored Love You More: The Divine Surprise of Adopting My Daughter and is a regular contributor to hermeneutics, Christianity Today magazine’s blog for women.

I received this book for free from Worthy Publishing for this review.


One thought on “Book Review: MOMumental

  1. An excellent review. I’ve read this book too and I agree, I love Jennifer Grant’s honest, conversational style. Reading it felt like listening to a good friend, who gave me permission to not only embrace the chaos of motherhood but also to be intentional about the things that really matter. What a great book. I also love Jennifer’s blog at

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