Learning to Sew


I got it in my mind earlier this year that I wanted to learn to sew, and more specifically to quilt. The idea was most definitely prompted by the antique sewing machine I inherited from my grandmother. Even if all I did was make one quilt on it, I wanted to use my Mamaw’s machine. If she saw fit to give it to me, then I wanted to use it at least once.

Well, that didn’t work out too well. Long story short: her  machine is old and missing a part or two that is no longer available.

So, when Joann’s Fabric had a sale on the Singer One, I got one.

It sat in the box for quite a while because I didn’t have time when it arrived to really figure out how to use it.

Then, lo and behold, my friend’s church started a weekly sewing class.

We just finished our first sewing projects last week — a sewing mat and organizer to go under our machine. The pockets on the front are for tools and threads, notions, etc.

Let me say: everything on this project I made, with the exception of the bias, which was pre-made. We had the  option of buying pre-quilted fabric which have made it much easier, but I would have also not learned how to do all that I learned. As it was, I cut the squares, sewed the squares to piece together the top, quilted the  main piece, quilted the pockets, and attached the bias around the edge.

More sewing adventures to come … (I hope).

If you look closely, of course, there are many imperfections. Just don’t look closely. Admire from afar.

I also made a matching pin cushion from a pattern I found on Pinterest.

Our next class project is an apron to teach us how to sew from a pattern and show us how to do some more advanced sewing techniques like pleats.

I’m still planning to sew a quilt — this quilt, to be exact — and I’ve also picked up a few patterns for quilted organizer bags that attach to wheelchairs or walkers. I’d like to try to make a few to donate to a local assisted living home, for example.


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