Mini Review: Huntsville Ballet Unplugged


My friend’s daughter dances with the Huntsville Ballet Company, which this weekend had its Huntsville Ballet Unplugged performance.

I had never been to a ballet performance before, and the “unplugged” show was touted to be non-traditional, not all tutus and tiaras and soft ballads. Sounded like a good entry-level ballet.

The first act seemed pretty traditional to me. The dancing, at least, was traditional ballet and told the story of the four seasons. The music was live, which added a certain “unplugged” element to it. During one number, the violinist stood center stage while the dancers swirled around her. I just knew any moment that the dancers legs were going to kick the musician, or the violinist’s bow was going to poke the dancers, but neither of those things happened.


The second act was more like what I had expected going into it. The song selections included modern dance mixes, including some techno numbers and a lot more modern flare to the moves. There was also the addition of some acrobatics and gymnastics.

The final act returned to more traditional style ballet dancing but the music was live, both instrumental and live voice, for what was called “Opera Fusion.”

The show was fun and we have very talented and flexible young dancers — both women and men — in our community, as well as talented directors and choreographers that work with these up and coming artists.

I’m looking forward to more performances, including seeing the Huntsville Ballet Company’s Nutcracker for the first time this winter.

For a limited time, LivingSocial has a half-off loge and balcony tickets for select Nutcracker performances.


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