Books on the Brain


The second draft of the shuttle book is back with the publisher — now 20% lighter!

I had an awesome meeting with a local author recently (more on that in the future).

I’ve read more books this year than any other year of my life — 24!

Today kicks off NaNoWriMo — National Novel Writing Month — which I’m not participating in (writing novels ain’t my thing), but lots of people are.

Needless to say, I’ve got books on the brain.

I’ve even taken to listening to books on CD in my car.

So, given the opportunity to host a carnival for the Rocket City Bloggers, the topic I chose was books — anything about books! Book reviews, paper books vs. e-book, crafts from books, writing books, library books, cookbooks … books, books books.

So here goes:

Mrs. Dragon rediscovers her love of her reading and commits to read more — 87 books and going strong!

Bo Williams’ reviews the dystopian fiction novel This Perfect Day and interjects a little timely political commentary as well.

Carol reviews the Nook Glowlight and compares it to other e-readers she has used.

Life coach Linda DeLuca offers interesting thoughts (I loved her posts!) on how reading books can help you get a better job — according to Linda, employers rank reading and writing as top deficiencies in new hires — and how not to read, which may sometimes mean not finishing a book that isn’t doing it for you. I  SO struggle with this.

Finally, this is not a post from anyone in the local blogger group, it’s from Country Living, and it’s a how-to for making a purse out of an old hardback book. No blog carnival is complete without some sort of “how to” article. (I just made that up; plenty of blog carnivals have no “how-to’s.” I just wanted to share it because I think the hardback book purse is cool. Personally, though, I’d need a wider volume to hold all the stuff in my purse.)

One more thing: a favorite recent find for more cool things about books, is Book Riot. Check it out. I especially love their book fetish posts which are usually book-themed items like, in the Nov. 1, 2012, Book Fetish post, for example, is a book case that doubles as a coffin and a book-page patterned skirt.

Thanks, bloggers, for your sharing your links!  Happy reading!


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