Jars of Clay, Live From the Front Row

‘But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.’ — II Corinthians 4:7


Even if you’ve never heard of any other Jars of Clay song, most know the mid-90s hit Flood.

Well, those guys went on to make more music, it’s just that no other song crossed over into the secular stream as popularly as Flood.

I liked Flood, but I became a  fan after I won I vinyl record of their second album, Much Afraid, from a Christian radio station.

I was in college in Huntsville but listening to the Christian station out of Nashville. This was before Huntsville had it’s own contemporary  Christian station.

I’m sure it was one of those things where I had to be a certain number caller, and I was. Nashville is just a two-hour drive from here; I had a friend going to college up there. So I drove up to get my album and to volunteer for the radio’s fund drive and crashed at my friend’s dorm. Fun times. Only in college do you get to use terms like “crashed” when you’re staying over with a friend.


So fast forward quite a few years and I’m still a fan.

The band added a show to their tour schedule for Nashville, where the band members now live. It was hailed in the local paper as a hometown show. After we got there we found out it was part of homecoming events for Trevecca University.

It was a very intimate, casual performance. We sat on the front row! The band members talked and jeered between sets and were quite the comedians.

Of course, they played Flood. It made me wonder if they ever get tired of playing it. I mean, they have to play it every show. Can you imagine the fan disappointment if they didn’t? That means they’ve played it thousands and thousands of times. I wonder do they even still enjoy it or at this point would they rather just not. But then, that song is the one that caused their career to take off so maybe they’re just grateful. Wish I coulda asked ’em.

For the encore they played my favorite, Love Song for a Savior. I realized later that they didn’t play my other favorite, Tea and Sympathy, but that’s OK. Maybe next time, if I see them in concert again.

Their band started the ministry Blood Water Mission, which helps with the AIDS and water crisis in Africa. Check that out and help. $1 can give an African clean water for an entire year!

Also, the morning after the concert I tweeted the above photo, of lead singer Dan Haseltine snapping his fingers, with the comment that he was bringing back the finger snap. The photo was retweeted by the band (woo!) and quite  a few of their fans too (double woo!).


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