Prior to going on a school field trip last week, just before sunup, one of the teachers prayed over the trip, for safety, etc.

A key word in her prayer grabbed at me.


She prayed that we delight in seeing the things we would see at the aquarium, the creatures God had created.


“How amazing are the deeds of the LORD! All who delight in him should ponder them.” Ps 111:2

The word made me smile. It’s kinda fun even just to say.


So as we went on our way, the first thing in which I delighted was the sunrise. I couldn’t miss it seeing as how we were driving straight in to it and all. The hues in the heavens were delightful. A little further in the journey and the sun reflected on a large lake, and that too was beautiful.


We saw all kinds of crazy creatures — a fish from the seahorse family that, to me, resembled a dill pickle spear, another fish that — bless his heart — had a flat face like he’d swam smack into a wall, and a turtle with a nose like a pig. I intentionally found delight in seeing and reading about these crazy creatures.

I also found delight in the orchids in the butterfly garden.


Of course the field trip was about the kids, so I found great delight in getting to spend the day with my son, his friends, his teachers and other parents. It’s a blessing to have a job with the flexibility to be able to accompany my children on some of their special trips, so yet another place where I found delight.

How about you? In what do you find delight?



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