“Finn’s Island” by Finn


This is a creative piece Finn wrote for a school assignment. I asked his permission to publish it here. I was in the third grade, just a year or two younger than he, when I first took an interest in writing. All spelling and punctuation is just as he wrote it.

Finn’s Island

by Finnegan (age 9)

Once upon a time, I was on a deserted island. I was worried by sharks and rubies. My mom is not a building type of person. She can cook while I try to build a hut. We saw lots of animals on this island and people. There was a cook, cowboy, Indian, and a rich family. “I want to go tot he wierd island,” my mom says.”Let’s go to the capital of Hawii, no mom. The girl that can’t be quiet says she wants to go to Alaska. No!

We went to a mysteryes Island. I was scared. Oh I was scared of sharks. I saw People on the island. They built a hut for us so we would not have to sleep in thier hut. I wanted to go home, but we had some gas. We would be stuck, so we didn’t go. We have yarn and knitting needles to knit a blanket that says s.o.s. Ok then, we will get back to the place we came from which is Alabama. We took a radio to the shore, so we can get to our boat with the radio. This way we can get better signal. We went to bed in our hut.

It’s morning at Finn’s Island (That’s what we named it for now.) Our boat was gone. We were scared by sharks, rubies and other stuff that might kill us. It was rubies burning our boat. They tied us up on a stick. It was scary. We got saved by the Indian/cowboy. The rescue people did save us. That is how we got to go back home to Alabama!


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