Sew Wrong


My cousin sewed a beautiful journal cover, and as part of a pay-it-forward thing she was doing, she mailed it to me.

Awesome, right?

Well, seeing as how I recently learned to sew and all, I thought I could easily duplicate her efforts and make one too.

Keyword: easily.

You know where this going, right?

So, I got the pattern from my cousin, purchased fabric and thread and was ready to sew.

My first mistake was thinking I didn’t the fusible fleece called for in the pattern. I thought this was pretty much the same as batting so I’d just skip that step and sew in some batting somewhere in the process. Wrong! The fusible fleece ended up being a crucial step to skip.

It was downhill from there.

Somehow I missed the step where I was to finish the edges, and I ended up with raw edges on the two pockets that hold the cover to the journal.

I sewed around all four edges when I was only supposed to sew around two, which meant I had to rip out a corner to get the thing to turn inside out only then to discover that I had sewed in the journal lining with the wrong side of the fabric facing up ….

It was a sewing disaster!

It’s still not finished because to do it right every stitch needs to be taken out and I start over at square one by following the directions and using the fusible fleece.

It’s a humbling experience to mess up, especially when it’s because you thought you knew something that you had no business knowing — like thinking batting and fusible fleece were the same thing. I mean, hello?? If they did the same job would there even be two different products? I should’ve known better.

It’s necessary sometimes to admit that we are sew wrong and then make amends, even if it means the hard and heart breaking work of ripping out every stitch we’ve made and going back to square one.


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