Beach Birthday


“Who wakes up on the morning before her 33rd birthday and decides to drive to the beach? This girl, that’s who.”

That was my Facebook status on the morning of Dec. 28, but the story doesn’t really begin there.

The day before, on Dec. 27, a good friend from my Indiana days stopped in the Rocket City to have lunch with us. The Huntsville pit stop was the half-way point between Indiana and the Alabama gulf coast.

Later that night, after their arrival at the beach, she texted how beautiful it was and that they should’ve found some room for us in their clown car (inside joke) and brought us with them.

I replied not to tempt me too much or I’d hop in the car the next morning and be right there.

Well, that’s what happened. She got the OK from her menfolk, and I booked a room at their same hotel.

I woke up the boys at 7 a.m., told them the good news, threw suitcases in the hallway floor and told them pack two of everything — Noah’s ark-style — and to grab some DVDs to watch on the drive.

We pulled out of the driveway a few hours later and were at the beach in time to have supper with our friends. We took a late night dip in the heated hotel pool, played Mexican Dominos and Scrabble until our eyelids drooped, and crashed in our hotel beds.

We ventured to the beach the next morning and boy was it cold!! Finn was the only one of us to brave the water.

After a nice hotel breakfast of omelets with peppers — a first for me, and I liked it — I played my first game ever of laser tag — which I also liked — drove go-karts and played putt putt golf.

Around 4 p.m. — roughly 24 hours after arrival — we were ready to head back north. It was a complete whirlwind of a trip!

At lunch, my friend asked me about my most memorable birthdays. I recalled early birthdays like the one where my mom made a Strawberry Shortcake cake (I don’t think I actually remember this but I’ve seen the pictures); when I turned 9 I had my first “boy/girl” party, which was actually just one boy, my best friend and her little sister; an ice skating party when I turned 13; my twin nephews being born on my 17th birthday; and of course I can’t forget seven years ago when I gave birth to Caden.

Add to the list turning 33 — the year I took off to the beach.

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