The Color Purple


At what point does a life event become a blog post? Sometimes it’s after the fact. Other times? Well, other times, you can be still doing said event and writing the blog post about it in your head. This was one of those times.

Me coloring my hair, in and of itself, isn’t really blog-worthy, because, really, women color their hair every day, right? What’s so special about that?

But something set this time apart to me. That something was the color purple. I just knew I would blog about it when the color I put on my hair was PURPLE, as in the color of Barney and grape jelly.

The color is actually Cherry Truffle, which sounds delicious doesn’t it? And it describes the color surprisingly well — a dark chocolate with a punch of deep red. But to achieve this color on your hair, the color applied is apparently Barney Purple. No one would buy it if they told you that on the box though.

I mix and begin to apply the color and it’s getting more and more purple as I go. It occurs to me at this point: what if it’s not supposed to be purple and I’ve done something wrong or it’s a bad batch and I actually end up with, um, purple hair? It was too late then, so I kept going. I resolved that I’d either accept and embrace purple hair or … call Amber, who cuts and used to color my hair, and see what she could do. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. But I didn’t know that yet.

When it was time to rinse, oh my word. The purple goop I applied had nothing on the purple-hued water that came running off my head. I’m talking the color of grape Koolaid! I was alone in my bathroom but literally laughed out loud when I saw what resembled a bath tub full of Welch’s grape juice.

As I continued to rinse, the water changed from resembling grape Koolaid, to freshly brewed tea, to iced tea, to clear.

I was relieved, after drying my hair, to see no more purple but instead a pretty shade of deep red and chocolate.

Good times, pretty hair, funny blog post. :o)

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