Superheroes Eat Too


We finally made it over to Supper Heroes restaurant last weekend.

In our neck of the woods, locally-owned burger and chicken places pop up from time to time. We definitely like to try new places and sometimes take others there or make it a family favorite.

Every thing I’d heard about Supper Heroes from those who had been there was good, and we had to, of course, check it out for the superhero theming.


We all ordered pretty “safe” entrees, nothing too out there, although the menu packs lots of variety. The boys had chicken fingers and I got a bacon cheeseburger. I had to try the fried green tomatoes too, because fried green tomatoes are my favorite vegetable.

It is still considered a vegetable, even if you batter and fry it … right?

The burger reminded me of a Red Robin burger but on sourdough toast. The green tomatoes weren’t the best I’ve had but it may be because it’s too early in the growing season to have them fresh. I’ll just have to try them again. ;)


Finn didn’t have much to say on the chicken — keep reading for his full review — but he liked watching Star Wars Episode 1 on the flat screen while we were there.


The favorite part for Caden was that the dessert that came with the kids meal was your choice of a Little Debbie cake. (And, being allowed to play his brother’s iPod during the meal. He wouldn’t even look up for a picture.)


I don’t generally eat slaw but the look of this slaw was intriguing. It little red flakes in it that turned out to be cayenne pepper. The slaw was kinda sweet, so the cayenne gave it a sweet-heat flavor.

I saved the best review for last though.

From the outside, you wouldn’t even know there was a restaurant in the building, much less a super-hero restaurant.

So Finn, the thoughty 9-year-old he is, said:

“From the outside it looks kinda boring, but on the inside it’s pretty awesome.”

‘Nuf Said.

Check ’em Out @ 1812 Winchester Road (Huntsville AL).

Also check out the reviews and photos by AKA Jane Random and Rocket City Mom.

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